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Manufactured in 5-piece construction for use in existing installations where cables are already installed. Surface mounting allows installation on any floor opening smaller than the grommet size. Simply choose the grommet size equal to or larger than your floor opening. One 3” aluminum block off panel is included per kit and additional parts are sold individually. This kit is extremely versatile and cost effective for solving odd size or shaped openings. This is the product used by our services division when we perform a retrofit installation.

Retrofit Grommet Kit Sizes

Model No. Description
RCS0907SM 9"x7" 5 pc. Surface Mount Retrofit Grommet Kit
RCS1207SM 12"x7" 5 pc. Surface Mount Retrofit Grommet Kit
RCS1807SM 18"x7" 5 pc. Surface Mount Retrofit Grommet Kit
Model No. = RCS (Retrofit CableSeal) XX (length of opening) YY (width of opening) SM (Surface Mount)
*Discounts for quantity purchases may be available. See Request for Quotation.
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Product Features

CableSeal Benefits Available in a wide range of sizes to suit all requirements, with custom sizes available on request.
CableSeal Benefits Fabricated from high-strength aluminum, these grommets are designed to last a lifetime with unmatched 5-Year Guarantee.
CableSeal Benefits Buy direct from the manufacturer! Made in Canada, with pricing in Canadian dollars.
CableSeal Benefits Quick deliveries to all customers from coast to coast.
CableSeal Benefits Installation services are offered for all CableSeal products.