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Product Description Model No. Quantity
Integral Flush Mount Grommet
4"L x 6"W ICS0406FM
9"L x 7"W ICS0907FM
12"L x 7"W ICS1207FM
18"L x 7"W ICS1807FM

Split Surface Mount Grommet
4"L x 6"W 2-piece SCS0406SM
9"L x 7"W 2-piece SCS0907SM
12"L x 7"W 2-piece SCS1207SM
18"L x 7"W 2-piece SCS1807SM

Retrofit Surface Mount Grommet Kit
9"L x 7"W 5-piece RCS0907
12"L x7"W 5-piece RCS1207
18"L x 7"W 5-piece RCS1807

Single Brush Surface Mount
9"L x 3.5"W RSB09SM
12"L x 3.5"W RSB12SM
18"L x 3.5"W RSB18SM
24"L x 3.5"W RSB24SM

Aluminum Block Off Plate
9"L x 4"W RB09
12"L x 4"W RB12
18"L x 4"W RB18
24"L x 4"W RB24

Double-Sided Bonding Tape (Roll)
1"W x 100 feet RSBT100
¾"W x 100 feet RSBT075

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