Step 1: Raised Floor Grommets

Our 4-step Process to Raised Floor Airflow Management
Raised Floor Grommets
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Our products offer the
following benefits:

CableSeal Benefits Uncompromised performance
CableSeal Benefits Unmatched strength and quality of materials
CableSeal Benefits Custom sizes and configurations are easily provided
CableSeal Benefits Manufactured in Canada with Canadian materials
CableSeal Benefits Competitive pricing in Canadian Dollars
CableSeal Benefits Quick delivery
CableSeal Benefits On-site installations throughout Canada are offered for all products

All CableSeal Raised Floor Grommets are manufactured using a high quality extruded aluminum frame for strength and durability. With two rows of black nylon filaments (instead of one), it provides a superior sealing closure around the computer cabling:
Flush Mount Grommets
Integral Flush Mount

Surface Mount Grommets
Split Surface Mount

Grommet Retrofit Kits
Retrofit Grommet Kits
Custom Grommet Kits
Custom Grommet Products

Higher density computing equipment creates challenges for the cooling systems of data centre facilities around the world. The easiest and most cost effective solution is to maximize the efficiency of the existing cooling systems by eliminating wasted cooling air leakage from the raised floor plenum. Your cooling systems are not working efficiently if your cable openings are not sealed or improperly sealed. Lost efficiency equals lost capacity. You may not need to invest in expensive upgrades to your cooling systems after all.

Looking for added value? The energy savings will very quickly pay back the cost of the air leakage elimination upgrade. Our customers have been able to shut down or slow down existing cooling equipment following CableSeal installations.