Our 4-step Process to Raised Floor Airflow Management

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Many of the challenges you face are caused by inadequate raised floor cooling.

The secret to managing your raised floor cooling is to control your airflow. This is achieved with the following strategies; These are the building blocks to resolve your cooling challenges and maximize the energy efficiency of your existing data centre. These initiatives will not only reclaim cooling capacity lost to 'inefficiency, they also provide dramatic payback periods. You will be able to say "Yes!" to those new, higher density rack requirements without the sky-high cost of cooling equipment upgrades.

Our customers have experienced remarkable payback periods as low as one year on installed retrofit projects. One customer was able to turn off half of his CRAC units! CableSeal is your best choice to help restore your site efficiency with practical, high quality, economical solutions for every aspect of your raised floor energy efficiency project.

It's easy as one, two, three, four.