Professional Installation Services

“They expertly sealed over 500 network, server, storage, and zone cabinets without any service interruptions and at a very reasonable cost.”
- Client Project Manager for a
recent Data Centre retrofit project

We offer competitively priced professional installation for all CableSeal products. We specialize in raised floor environments so you are assured the work will be performed quickly and without disruption to your critical services.

Reasons why a Data Centre should choose
our retrofit CableSeal products:

1 We offer 5 standard sizes of Retrofit Kits as well as custom sizes to seal any size or shape floor opening.
2 Our Retrofit Products were developed from on-site experience in thousands of installations. Our Kits are the best available combination of performance, ease of installation and value.
3 Our CableSeal products are manufactured with high-quality extruded aluminum frames for greater strength, durability and fire resistance.
4 We use only top quality Structural Bonding Tape to permanently attach the CableSeal retrofit products to the floor tiles.
5 Buy direct from the Manufacturer! Made in Canada with pricing in Canadian dollars.

Reasons why a Data Centre should utilize
our installation services:

1 Your data centre environment is mission critical. Our installation crews are specially trained to avoid outages or service interruptions.
2 Minimize your Payback Period by sealing the floor quickly and realizing the energy savings immediately. Our installers can complete most projects in a few weeks.
3 Your data centre support staff is committed to their critical facilities support role. This is a one-time unique installation most efficiently performed by specialists.
4 Controlling air leakage is the primary objective and our goal is to seal every floor opening.
5 You require a permanent solution and our installers are specially trained in the correct techniques to achieve permanent bonding of the CableSeal to the floor tile.
6 Material costs are minimized by utilizing our experience for efficient site assessment, quantity survey and product ordering.