Installation Guide - Split Surface Mount CableSeal Grommet

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Our SCS-XXYY-SM model designation = Split CableSeal- XX (opening length) YY (opening width)-Surface Mount.

This model is factory assembled in two pieces, intended to be used in existing installations where cables have been installed. The desired cable opening size is selected from our standard product sizes (custom sizes also available).

The existing floor tile opening size will be equal to or smaller than the selected CableSeal model size. For example, our SCS1207SM is a nominal 12” X 7”size grommet. The opening size could be 12” X 7” OR SMALLER. Simply choose the smallest Split CableSeal which will cover your existing opening. This product is a surface mount design which is attached by Double Sided Structural Bonding Tape (pre-applied at factory) for a permanent attachment to the floor surface. Please note this model does not provide protection of the cables from the cut edges of the opening. Auxiliary opening cut edge protection must be provided if required (not included by CableSeal). Ensure the edge protection system does not interfere with the ability of the CableSeal product to sit perfectly flat on the surface of the floor.

When installing Surface Mount CableSeal products using our Double-Sided Bonding Tape, the floor surface must be clean and free of dust, dirt, or contamination of any sort. Isopropyl alcohol works well in most cases. The Bonding Tape is a pressure sensitive design. More pressure exerted for a longer time equals a more permanent bonding to the floor surface. The Surface Mount models are typically installed below existing cabinets. We recommend the use of a 24” pry bar to lever from the underside of the cabinet frame down onto the CableSeal. Apply and hold pressure for 3 to 5 seconds and repeat in one inch increments around the perimeter of the CableSeal frame. USE EXTREME CAUTION NOT TO PINCH CABLES DURING THIS OPERATION!!!

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