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Retrofit Surface Mount Kit

Our RCS-XXYY-SM model designation = Retrofit CableSeal- XX (opening length) YY (opening width)-Surface Mount.

This model is the most cost-effective, versatile, high quality system available to retrofit existing floor openings. The kits are sent with five (5) loose pieces, intended to be used in existing installations where cables have been installed. We offer a full range of kit sizes; however our experience has been that only several sizes are normally required to suit any opening size or shape. Our installers would typically choose the 12X7, 18X7 and 24X7 sizes as a “Project Kit” to complete most retrofit projects.

Please note the installation of this product is slightly more involved than the assembled models; however the kits are typically used to solve more complex floor opening problems. Once some experience has been gained, the retrofit installation moves quite quickly.

Each kit includes two brush assemblies, two end caps, and one block off plate. The block off plates are not required for all openings, however there may be cases where multiple block off plates are required to seal the opening. Simply use the parts needed for each opening, and save the unused parts for later use where required.

A typical retrofit project would involve sealing of floor openings below existing cabinetry. These openings are typically random in size and shape and are normally much larger than required for the cabling. The standard assembled products are able to seal openings up to 7” wide X any length. The block off plates allows for sealing of openings wider than 7”, provided the cabling is installed in a manner that allows the use of block off plates.

The existing floor tile opening size will be equal to or smaller than the selected CableSeal model size. For example, our RCS1207SM is a nominal 12” X 7”size grommet kit with a 3” block off strip. The opening size could be up to 10” X 10”. Refer to the table below for suggested kit configurations for various floor opening sizes. This chart lists only a small sample of available configurations. Your potential solutions are limited only by your skill and experience gained.

Model Max Open
no BO
Max Open
with BO
1 extra
2 extra
3 extra
RCS1207SM 12x7 10x10 10x13 10x16 10x19
RCS1807SM 18x7 16x10 16x13 16x16 16x19
RCS2407SM 24x7 22x10 22x13 22x16 22x19
Note: BO = blockoff

You will note in the chart that the same size opening can be solved by different products. Each solution is influenced by the cable configuration. For example, if you had a 16X10 opening with all the cables at one end, you might choose the 12X7 kit with 2 blockoffs. If the same opening had cables from end to end, you might choose the 18X7 kit with one blockoff.

This product is a surface mount design which is attached by Double-Sided Structural Bonding Tape (pre-applied at factory) for a permanent attachment to the floor surface. Please note this model does not provide protection of the cables from the cut edges of the opening. Auxiliary opening cut edge protection must be provided if required (not included by CableSeal). Ensure the edge protection system does not interfere with the ability of the CableSeal product to sit perfectly flat on the surface of the floor.

When installing Surface Mount CableSeal products using our Double Sided Bonding Tape, the floor surface must be clean and free of dust, dirt, or contamination of any sort. Isopropyl alcohol works well in most cases. The Bonding Tape is a pressure sensitive design. More pressure exerted for a longer time equals a more permanent bonding to the floor surface. The Surface Mount models are typically installed below existing cabinets. We recommend the use of a 24” pry bar to lever from the underside of the cabinet frame down onto the CableSeal. Apply and hold pressure for 3 to 5 seconds and repeat in one inch increments around the perimeter of the CableSeal frame. USE EXTREME CAUTION NOT TO PINCH CABLES DURING THIS OPERATION!!!

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