Installation Guide - Integral Flush Mount CableSeal Grommet

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Our ICS-XXYY-FM model designation = Integral CableSeal- XX (opening length) YY (opening width)-Flush Mount.

This model is factory assembled in one piece, intended to be used in new installations where cables have not yet been installed. The desired cable opening size is selected from our standard product sizes (custom sizes also available).

The raised floor is a structural support system with potentially high point loads at support legs, etc. Only cut floor tiles in accordance with the floor tile manufacturer’s instructions, using only the tools and methods as recommended. CableSeal does not offer any advice or opinions with regards to location or cutting methods.

The floor tile opening cut size will be ¼” larger each way than the CableSeal model size. For example, our ICS1207FM is a nominal 12” X 7”size grommet. The cut size would be ¼” larger each way, or 12-1/4” X 7-1/4”. Due to our low profile design, the openings may be cut right up to the tile edge, without interference with the floor support channels. This product is a recessed flush mount design which provides protection of the cables from the cut edges of the opening. Auxiliary opening cut edge protection may be provided if desired, however allowances must be made to provide clearance for the CableSeal product.

Once the floor opening is prepared, simply place the CableSeal in the opening, pre-drill the screw holes and fasten to the tile surface with the fasteners provided. Take care not to overturn the screws. If an opening becomes stripped, simply drill out the opening and install a standard plastic wall plug available in any hardware store. The pre-applied neoprene gasket provides an airtight seal to the floor surface. Install the floor tile in place and commence installation of the equipment and cabling.

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