Step 4: Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

Our 4-step Process to Raised Floor Airflow Management
Raised Floor Grommets
CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums
Hot and Cold Row Filler Panels
Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Systems

Our products offer the
following benefits:

CableSeal Benefits Uncompromised performance
CableSeal Benefits Unmatched strength and quality of materials
CableSeal Benefits Custom sizes and configurations are easily provided
CableSeal Benefits Manufactured in Canada with Canadian materials
CableSeal Benefits Competitive pricing in Canadian Dollars
CableSeal Benefits Quick delivery
CableSeal Benefits On-site installations throughout Canada are offered for all products

Are you serious about airflow management? Do you want to even further increase capacity?

The final key to Raised Floor Air Control is Hot and Cold Aisle Containment. Now you are getting serious about airflow management!

As the final step in the efficiency process, Hot and Cold Aisle Containment is the provision of enclosure systems to contain the hot or cold air in the aisle. In the case of the Hot Row, providing enclosures from the cabinet to the ceiling will ensure that the hot air is trapped and drawn through the ceiling grilles back to the CRAC unit (see Step 2:CRAC Plenums). In the Cold Rows, providing Row End Doors or curtains will keep the cold air in the Cold Row, allowing peak efficiency of your cooling system.

CableSeal provides a full range of products designed to fit your requirements and your budget.

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Systems