Step 2: CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums

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Our products offer the
following benefits:

CableSeal Benefits Uncompromised performance
CableSeal Benefits Unmatched strength and quality of materials
CableSeal Benefits Custom sizes and configurations are easily provided
CableSeal Benefits Manufactured in Canada with Canadian materials
CableSeal Benefits Competitive pricing in Canadian Dollars
CableSeal Benefits Quick delivery
CableSeal Benefits On-site installations throughout Canada are offered for all products

Do you have hot aisles that are too hot? Cold Aisles not cold enough? Unintended hot and cold air mixing wasting your energy dollars?

CRAC Hot Air Return PlenumsOur CRAC Plenums allow you to convert your ceiling space into a hot air return plenum. By adding ceiling return air grilles to your hot spots, the hot air is channelled away from the computer room space and directly to the return air inlet on your CRAC unit. Our clients have experienced instant, dramatic improvements in their computer room temperature control using our CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums. Typically CRAC units operate much more efficiently with higher return air temperatures.
CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums Our CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums are another example of our commitment to quality and value. They are manufactured in 20 ga. steel and powder coat painted to last a lifetime. We include a large 42" X 18" access door with lockable latches as standard equipment. Automatic shut-off dampers are available for 100% airtight closure when the CRAC unit is not running.

Custom Site Installation including Ceiling Hot Air Return Grilles is available.

Please contact us for pricing to suit your site requirements.

CRAC Hot Air Return Plenums