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CableSeal is a family of products and services developed to help Data Centre Operators cope with the issues of Raised Floor Airflow Management. We have worked for decades in the raised floor environment and our solutions are based on that experience.

Many years ago a large Co-location facility contacted us to develop a solution for their computer room cooling air leakage on the raised access floor. We developed a high strength brush filament cable grommet with a superior seal and a large range of sizes to resolve any and all floor sealing challenges. This was the creation of CableSeal. The complete summary of this project can be reviewed in our case studies.

Since that time we have realized that Data Centre Operators need to address all aspects of raised floor airflow management. We have developed a full line of CableSeal airflow control products, all designed with the same criteria as our original mission. Don't miss these exciting new products in our "4- Step Process to Energy Efficiency" section.

We are committed to innovation while providing value to our consumers. We are proudly made in Canada, locally manufacturing the best quality products available at extremely attractive pricing. We guarantee customer satisfaction and offer the only 5 year product warranty in the market.